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After my beloved, smart mutt died in the early 1980's, I knew
that I would only be satisfied
with another smart dog as a pet.  So after careful research, I got my first Border Collie,
Emma, in 1984.

She was such a remarkable dog that people still talk about her.  I showed her in obedience
and did some basic herding with her.  I took her with me everywhere I went.  I thought I could
only have one dog like that in my lifetime, but after living with Borders since, I know this is wrong.  Emma lived to almost 18, and I always consider her wonderful temperament, robust health, and adaptability when I breed a litter or consider buying a puppy.  But God love her, Emma was not
a pretty dog.  So why not combine all the wonderful qualities of Emma with a dog that a person
loves to wake up to every day?  So that is my goal.

On my small farm in Southern Illinois, I now strive not only for Emma's wonderful qualities, but good structure and movement as well.  All of my dogs are shown in conformation.  Some of
them go on to second careers.

I hope you enjoy looking at the website.  I always enjoy talking about dogs,
so please feel free to contact me.

Karen Bell

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